Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The LTO Needs to Man Up and Start Denying Licenses to Bad Drivers

Comment from a reader on the post: Bad driving is in the Philippines not in Filipinos : good day sir / ma'am i highly agree with this post. here in the philippines it seems that people are all the rage with getting up to so-and-so KPH with blatant disregard for their safety and of others around them. i guess it makes them feel good when they tell their kumpare that they drove their car to 180 kph. most drivers - private and public utility alike - do seem to know the traffic rules. they just disregard them because they think they know better. people beat the red light, do not show courtesy at intersections or pedestrian lanes, pass on the wrong side... we need to have a credible driver's ed program, apparently even those coming from 'driving schools' are no better. and the LTO should really man up and deny licenses to people who obviously cannot drive. i've seen people who do not know which way to look when making a turn, but they get licenses and pass the written AND PRACTICAL exam with flying colors.

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