Thursday, January 10, 2013

Why Publicize a Subic Murder?

Comment on the post: Subic Murder: With the possibility of the US forces coming into town again, why would you want this published on the front page of whatever local or national paper you seem to think has overlooked it? Are you for real? 

From the Bugle: Whether US forces come into our town or not is irrelevant to the fact that a young lass was murdered.  Why are you even trying to link the two issues together?  Our local populace needs to know whenever something bad happens in our locale and what happens to these evil doers.  Covering up the crimes and the perpetrators creates an illusion that all is perfect in our little corner of the world when beneath the surface there is an altogether different scene.  Do the people have a right to know when crimes are committed or should we just whitewash it in the hopes that if we ignore it long enough it will just go away by itself?  It is only by exposing these crimes to the light of the public that we can then fix the underlying issues of what is driving people to commit these crimes. 

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