Tuesday, January 8, 2013

High Tides

The tides at the end of this week will probably be the highest tides that we will experience in the next six months.  While these tides probably won't have much effect on us in the Subic region.  Those readers down south who are currently in the path of another Low Pressure Area might be feeling some more pain. 

Here is the expected tides for the end of this week.

Wed, Jan 9 Tide Set One 07:31 PM 1.11 m 03:30 AM -0.13 m
Tide Set Two
Thu, Jan 10 Tide Set One 08:22 PM 1.20 m 04:19 AM -0.25 m
Tide Set Two
Fri, Jan 11 Tide Set One 09:12 PM 1.26 m 05:04 AM -0.33 m
Tide Set Two
Sat, Jan 12 Tide Set One 10:02 PM 1.26 m 05:46 AM -0.35 m
Tide Set Two  

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