Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fire Code of the Philippines

The below is an excerpt from the Fire code of the Philippines.  The Bugle wonders if proper following of the code would have prevented the most recent fire from happening and if the proper inspection of lodging establishments would help prevent any future incidents.

d. Provision on Fire Safety Construction, Protective and Warning System. Owners, occupants or
administrator or buildings, structures and their premises or facilities, except such other buildings or
structures as may be exempted in the rules and regulations to be promulgated under Section 6 hereof,
shall incorporate and provide therein fire safety construction, protective and warning system, and shall develop and implement fire safety programs, to wit:

(1) Fire protection features such as sprinkler systems, hose boxes, hose reels or standpipe systems and
other fire fighting equipment;

(2) Fire Alarm systems;

(3) Fire walls to separate adjoining buildings, or warehouses and storage areas from other occupancies in the same building;

(4) Provisions for confining the fire at its source such as fire resistive floors and walls extending up to the next floor slab or roof, curtain boards and other fire containing or stopping components;

(5) Termination of all exits in an area affording safe passage to a public way or safe dispersal area;

(6) Stairway, vertical shafts, horizontal exits and other meals of egress sealed from smoke and heat;

(7) A fire exit plan for each floor of the building showing the routes from each other room to appropriate exits, displayed prominently on the door of such room;

(8) Self-closing fire resistive doors leading to corridors;

(9) Fire dampers in centralized air-conditioning ducts;

(10) Roof vents for use by fire fighters; and

(11) Properly marked and lighted exits with provision for emergency lights to adequately illuminate exit ways

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