Sunday, January 13, 2013

How Many Bars in Barretto Have Fire Exits?

Comment from a reader on the post We Know We Are dead if there is a Fire in the Bars: I understand what this writer is saying about bars, in general, being "fire traps" but that is a sweeping statement and not true of many bars in the Barretto area.  I think it would be interesting to do a layman's survey and see just how many have a proper fire exit. In light of the terrible Dryden tragedy, I would advise customers to note fire exits in establishments they frequent.  

From the Bugle: Interesting but what is a “proper fire exit”. It is definitely not what we generally understand as a fire exit: a dedicated unobstructed easily-accessible door, well marked with an emergency light. By that standard, there is no bar anywhere in Barretto that has a “proper fire exit”. If any reader knows of such a thing in Barretto, please send in a photo. We need to lower the standard for the definition of a fire exit to: “any somewhat accessible second exit”. But in general, we agree with you: when you walk into a bar, or any other establishment for that matter, note your fire exits and escape plan. 

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