Sunday, January 27, 2013

We Earned Our Benefits Internet Tough Guy

Comment from a reader on the post: If you don’t like Tricare Philippines, Give up the Party and Go Home : Who the f… are you? I don't take any part in anything you have mentioned, however these guys have earned the right to do whatever it is they wish to do. They were guaranteed health care for serving their country. Do you think they got rich by being in the military? Who made you Judge and Jury for all the retirees here? I would love to meet up and discuss this in person with you if you even have the balls, or are you just another one of those internet tough guys? You can reach me at (name deleted) if you'd like to set something up

From the Bugle: Guys we are an issues-based blog, not a personalities-based blog. That’s why we keep everything anonymous. Your ideas stand or fall on their merits.

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