Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Who is to Blame?

Comment from a reader on  a note from the management of the burned establishment

   It looks to me that the management is trying to shift some of the blame onto the local fire department. 

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on whose side you are on) there is probably some truth to this matter as there has been several fires recently in the area.  One in Santa Monica Subdivision and one out at Sibals Furniture in Brgy.Manganvaca. 

Both of these places were total losses and the Bugle has heard that when the local fire trucks arrived there was no water in them.  Everyone had to wait around watching the places burn until the fire trucks from SBMA showed up to actually start putting water on the fire. 

With the fire at Dryden's/ Rum Jungle the other day this makes at least three fires now where the initial responders were not able to start putting out the fire.  This makes you wonder where all of your tax dollars are being spent.  I mean we live right next to an ocean how hard should it be to have water ready to pump out of the trucks.  To the Bugle not having emergency responders ready to respond borders on an act of criminality in itself.

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