Tuesday, January 22, 2013

This building is a trap!

Comment from a reader on the post: The Girls Who Died in the Fire Didn't Register so They Remained Nameless: Same place, same situation. I stayed at this place in May 2011, on the 2nd floor. I rented one of the 2 available balcony-rooms with street view. I stayed there 3 nights. I was in fire service for 30 yrs. The only option for me is a balcony room. Otherwise I would not stay there. I told the management in May 2011: This building is a trap! No real safe and working and protected fire exits, no smoke detectors, bars on the ground floor. My God. I told the manager: If there is a fire you get victims. And he was asking what to do. I told him all things which needed to be done. At first: smoke detectors. And he should ask his local fire department for advice. It seems nothing happened.

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