Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Jesus Should Pimp Slap You

Comment from a reader on the post: You Are Not a Winner Just Because You Retired to the Philippines on Your Monthly Government Handout:
Generalizations are always wrong, he quipped ironically... But seriously, guy, you need to examine what the hell you are doing in a place you despise. The Philippines has many problems common in developing countries, and some quite pleasant aspects not so common. Your opinion of the people is obviously based on hanging out with the wrong people. Or perhaps you are the wrong person for them. Once you walk out your front door, you are not reflected in where you live; rather it is reflected in you. And that goes for the "losers" against whom you rail as you beat on easy targets. So what would Jesus do, you ask? He'd probably pimp slap you for starters for being mean-spirited.

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