Monday, January 14, 2013

US and the Philippines rack up some of highest gun murder rates in the world with gun-controlled UK some of the least

Comment from a reader on the post: In the UK, We Stopped the Gun Massacres and it Didn't Lead to a Marcos-style Dictatorship: Hmmm.... maybe you should look at the statistics at this website for some perspective:

From the Bugle: Pretty startling stats on there. 9,369 murders with firearms per year in the United States compared with 14 per year in the UK. The website puts the number of murders with firearms in the Philippines at 7,708 per year ( 


  1. To be accurate you should consider the number per 100,000 in population. 1 murder in a village of 100 is not the same as 100 murders in a village of 10,000. The murder RATE is the only way to fairly compare.

  2. Would seem to me that both of your rates equal 1%. What is the difference between the two? Please elaborate


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