Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Subic Murder

       With all the talk lately in the Bugle about gun crime here in the Philippines and in other places in the world we the writers of the Bugle would like to point out that a lot of crime that happens in the Philippines never makes it out into the local news. 

      Recently the Bugle had heard a rumour about a GRO being hacked into pieces by her local boyfriend.  This incident supposedly took place over the holidays but the Bugle hadn't heard anything about from any media sources.  So the Bugle decided to talk to some of the local Barrio police and inquired if they had heard anything about this supposed incident.  Sure enough our boys in blue told the Bugle that there had been a local lass working at the Flash Rat who had been hacked to death but, this didn't happen here in Barretto it was a Subic problem as that was where the crime took place.

   So the Bugle's question to its readers is where is the local media?  We see their offices, we see their vans, but what are they actually reporting on?

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