Thursday, January 10, 2013

I Earned Every Penny of My “Monthly Government Handout”

Comment from a reader on the post: You Are Not a Winner Just Because You Retired to the Philippines on Your Monthly Government Handout: Your comments alone show how ignorant you are, and as far as my "Monthly Govt. Handout" goes, I earned every penny of it, and should be paid even more for the things I did for my country, and for my family having to endure what they went thru. If you think that the typical old guy with a 18 y/o child around his arm is the norm, then it's even more obvious how stupid you are. Since coming here I have created an extremely successful business, purchased my own island, and haven't been happier. So if all you are familiar with are the drunks, garbage, disease, smokers, and alcoholics as you stated, then yes, you are a loser. Great job pointing out your status to everyone. So, in closing, if you're not from here either, then I would suggest that YOU go back to where you came from, or if you are from here, may I suggest you jump from the nearest bridge...either way, it will be no loss to those of us who choose to stay here, collecting our "Monthly Govt. Handout". Loser.

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