Thursday, January 3, 2013

If you Let Tricare Neglect Retirees in the Philippines, Your Area Will be Next

Retirees in the Philippines are not asking for special treatment. They are just
asking for equal treatment. Tricare says that the reason the Philippines is
treated differently is that several years ago there was a group of retirees and
providers in the Angeles City area who defrauded Tricare. It went on for years.
Why? Because Tricare didn't want to spend the small amount required to put
somebody in the Philippines who could actually determine that there was fraud
and could have prevented the millions of dollars lost (and they still haven't
put anybody here). However, let's look at this a bit differently. Pretend this
was happening in New Jersey. There is more documented insurance fraud in New Jersey than there is in the Philippines. Maybe Tricare should start this program in New Jersey and require all retirees living in New Jersey to go to one general hospital in Newark and see a handful of second-rate doctors when
they needed care instead of being able to choose the best hospitals and doctors available. It would be the same thing they are doing in the Philippines. How far do you think that proposal would go if they did it in New Jersey? Both senators and every representative from New Jersey would be camped out in the Tricare offices in Madison, Wisconsin demanding that they close down the program. But it isn't New Jersey. It is the Philippines. Why should anybody care about anybody living in the Philippines? It's simple. You should care
because whatever is allowed to happen in the Philippines will eventually happen elsewhere, and someday it will happen in New Jersey too, but their senators and representatives won't have a leg to stand on ... because Tricare will be able to show that they aren't treating retirees in New Jersey any differently than they treat every other military retiree in the world.

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