Thursday, January 31, 2013

If You Need Medical Care, Get Away from Subic

Comment from a reader on We Earned Our Benefits Internet Tough Guy : Most of us were duped into believing that Health Visions was legit. My daughter had an accident. The Health Visions Hospital sent an ambulance to pick her up and they treated her at the Health Visions emergency room. How were we to know that they overbilled? We depend on Tricare to properly manage and regulate the services providers. Obviously someone was asleep at the wheel but don't blame the unwitting patients who only seek medical care. We now have very little decent health care in our area available to us thanks to Tricare and their draconian methods. Have you visited Gordon Mortuary (Oh, I mean Hospital) lately? A disgrace. My advice, if you are sick, go to St. Lukes in Manila or Bumrungrad in Bangkok- if you can stay alive long enough.

From the Bugle: Or you can go to Baypointe. It’s a nice building. No doctors around but the building is nice.

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