Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Building Code in the Philippines is Not Enforced

Comment from a reader on the Subic Fire:
No Building Code in the Philippines this is the norm, and as a result hundreds of People are killed each year. The Philippine Government doesn't care about building codes of safety, all the Government cares about is sending their People overseas to work their butts off all in the name of making Billions of Pesos in remittance fees, this is all their care about.

What Philippine Government needs to do is change their labor laws, its sad to Millions of young Pinoys out of work because of discrimination of hiring practices, I have heard of many well qualified job seekers denied employment because their too short, too old, and why I mean too old (if your older then 25 years you will not get hired by companies like Mercury drug Stores, SM Malls, that's just to mention a few. Its shameful to see Millions of young educated Pinoys unable to get work in the own country, so the situation is clear don't bother looking for work in your country, go overseas as OFW, its time the people of the Philippines be treated with dignity and respect by their elected officials' and the companies that based in their country and why not?

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