Saturday, January 5, 2013

You Are Not a Winner Just Because You Retired to the Philippines on Your Monthly Government Handout

Comment from a reader on the post: Go home loser: Loser? Oh really? The losers are here because they cannot make it in their own know its true, to say the Philippines has ANYTHING better than the US or Australia or England or wherever-- other than cheap prices and cheap girls for the cheap low class charlies-- is a sad joke...garbage, sewage, disease, smokers, alcoholics, corruption on every level, ridiculous bureaucracy, traffic, pollution, over population, poverty, failed legal, educational and medical systems, endemic crime, inconvenience, retarded onion skinned dishonest people...dumbest laziest people on earth, unless they are trying to steal from you, in which case they are remarkably clever...Ok surely not all but maybe 75%....who are you kidding? Its fun to pass through but don't pretend you are some kind of "winner" or patriot because you live/retired there on your home government's dole.

Comment from the Bugle: You are a loser if you choose to spend all your time complaining about the country you have decided to live in. Nobody is forcing foreigners to live in the Philippines. If they choose to live here, and then spend all their time criticizing the place and saying how much better their home country is, it is time for them to go back to their home country where life is perfect. 

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