Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Good Burgers at Army Navy in Harbor Point

Comment from a reader: On Wed night driving through SBMA I saw signs that said Burger King Now Open.  I fancied a burger for lunch yesterday so I went to the mall only to find out Burger King was not open yet; opening at 1500 yesterday.  I still wanted a burger so I went to Army Navy two doors down.  Burger was juicy and very good, especially with the jalapenos.  Burger (lettuce, tomato, onion) was P165 and jalapenos P20 more.  Another bonus was you could have a beer (SML P60) with your meal.   They also had some Mexican (burritos, tacos, etc.) that I will try.

From the Bugle: Army Navy is owned by the same company that operates Yellow Cab Pizza. Their food is good and they are the closest thing you can find to a real taco in Subic. They have hard shell and soft shell tacos. And their prices are great. Too bad you have to deal with the mall parking and traffic to get to them. That's life with the malls!

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