Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The US should stay away

Comment from a reader on the Pemberton case:
So end the agreement with the Philippines, its not going to hinder the success of the US military in the pacific region. If anything it will save the DOD and the service members money. In addition it will protect service members health from disease.

The majority of people reading this article will feel bad for the Filipino nation because one of their people was murdered. But what they don't realize is what happens when US military sets up in PI or when one the Navy's ships pull in. Filipino prostitutes and scam artists flock from all corners of PI to get their piece of the militarys money, and to con your sons and daughters out of their paycheck. They even set up fake face book profiles, pretending to be girls that want a date, and then try to take advantage of soldiers and sailors and charge them before the date begins.

They will complain now, but when shit hits the fan, they will call for US military aid.
Many people also don't realize that about 50 % of DOD forces in the Pacific region are made up of Filipino nationals, who were able to join the US Military as non-us citizens. They group together in a brotherhood at their command, and persecute anyone who is not in their group.

PI is bad news. The US should stay as far away as possible.

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