Friday, July 17, 2015

False accusations

While I don't have any memory of criminal cases and trials involving U.S. servicemen in the PI before 1991 or if the seemingly unique decision to detain a suspect or convicted felon in the U.S. Embassy was ever done before, in the 2005 case of Lance Corporal Daniel Smith, it could have been that the U.S. military and embassy powers-that-were looked into his eyes and believed his vehement claims that he was innocent (= reasonable doubt about it being rape). And knowing he'd get railroaded in a "she said, he said" trial in a coconut republic, they did what they could to lessen the effects of his initial confinement and the unjust punishment of a 40-year term.
The fact that Smith's accuser recanted her testimony following the trial and conviction is disgusting. Making false statements or providing false information on visa applications is cause to deny the visa and bar entry to the U.S. How about the much more serious and heinous action of falsely accusing someone of rape?

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