Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dentistry in the PI

When a foreigner first moves to the PI some things are hard to find, primarily from lack of information. A good doctor, dentist, mechanic. Frankly after thirty years here I'm still looking for a good barber.
Not so in our family dentist who has served us and our kids for over 16 years. Lorenzana Dental clinic is as near to a stateside replica as any dental office you will find. they are antiseptic clean and well decorated with some of the finest female dentists in the Olongapo area. Besides general dentistry they do orthodontics, implants, endodonics and esthetic dentistry.
Their equipment is up to date as are their skills. Periodic trips are made by the staff to seminars and conferences abroad to update and familiarize themselves with new techniques.
They are fabulous with children. When our kids were young they put them in the chair and just did a look-see to get them comfortable. Now they do not even moan or complain when the time comes to visit the dentist. In fact it is often them who suggest it.
Lorenzana and Associates is located in East Bajac in Olongapo behind the market at 14 A 20th Street. There is plenty of parking. They are open Monday - Saturdays by appointment. 222-3638

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