Sunday, June 17, 2012

Subic's Fake Mall

Remember me? I'm the guy who hates malls. Except for the new movie theaters which are way more comfortable than Times Square Cinema nothing about this dump is attractive. The Olongapo SM has a fake Ace Hardware store. It has a fake Watson Drug store. Both are miniature teasers about the size of a residential kitchens. Everything is reduced. They're like advertisements for the real thing in Pampanga. It even has a fake Starbucks in the Red Bucks coffee wagon with a ripped off logo. WTF. SM was recently instrumental in cleaning out and closing the bootleg DVD's across the street from them at Green Hills. Not because they worried about artist royalties but because they worried about sales at their own sad sack Odyssey store. And Oh boy....a Jollibee, a KFC, a Greenwich, a Chow King, an Inasal, a Smart, and a Globe store. Golly gee what will they think up next? How about a 7-11? What is wrong with a French Bakery or maybe even a SBarros? Please just give us residents something that we don't already have in Olongapo and SBMA. You have to pay to park at a crummy fake mall where the escalators don't even work. What a sick joke this abortion is.


  1. How about the fake resident go back to his country and stay there for good? Of course, he'll be just another bum there.

    Oh yeah, I'm the guy who hates whining foreigners. ;)

  2. What makes you so sure he's a foreigner? He seems to have learned his English grammar from a Philippine education. And judging by your jump to the conclusion that he would be just another bum in some other country, you forgot the untold number of bums (wife's family) he is probably supporting here, if he left, who would feed them?


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