Wednesday, June 27, 2012

PI Water Parks Reviewed

The Bugle recently visited a pair of water parks and figured he should compare the two for our readers. Subic's finest is at White Rock resort and one of the best water parks in Angeles City is Fontana Water Park. The Bugle thought the P650 entrance fee charged by White Rock was very steep. One price. Adults and children same fee. The facility however is attractive and the slides and wave pools really fun. It's obvious they take their maintenance seriously. There is even a well equipped first aid station in case of injuries. The rock climbing wall costs an additional P150. (It is P100 in Boracay)
While you can bring your own food and drinks at no charge the cheapest cabanas are.....P4000!!!
We suggest if you have a large group to bring blankets and spread it on the very accessible, shaded grass areas.
Clark's premiere resort is Fontana Water park. The slides and wave pools are all really nice, safe and fun. We particularly enjoyed the lazy river surrounding the park. This is a slow moving drift, relaxing ride on inter-tubes around the entire area. Any age can get into this, including grandma.
Admission is P375 Tues-Thur and P475 weekends. The is no charge for much of the seating area. Nipa and metal cottages are P500-P700. Food and drinks are available and reasonably priced.
Our kids preferred Fontana but they both resorts provide an enjoyable family experience.


  1. thank you for the info and pls. keep them coming

    1. Will do and if you hear about any new places let us know about them and we can check them out also.

  2. Great! Seems to be very informative post,thanks for sharing.


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