Wednesday, November 28, 2012

In light of the recent comments concerning Texas Joe's we at the Bugle thought that instead of keeping these comments within the actual post itself we would like to highlight a comment from the actual owner of Texas Joe's.  Now this isn't some kind of "right to reply" issue it is just that we feel that since this is a popular restaurant with our readers we thought that that our readers would appreciate that the owner of the establishment actually responds to customer comments and doesn't just pay lip service like so many of the locally owned establishments.
My name is Paul, owner of Texas Joe's. I'm sorry to hear about your less than optimum experience with your burger here at our restaurant.
I did some checking and discovered the details of the incident, and have identified your server. She is one of our new gals (no excuse) and Gilbert has conducted re-training with her and the cooks.
I am curious, however, and perhaps you can give me a call at the restaurant (252-3189). Gilbert says you come here frequently and usually order burgers, sometimes for take out. Was this incident an isolated case, or in the past for all of your other burger orders were they similarly undercooked?
The reason I ask is because we do NOT offer burgers cooked medium or rare. Only well-done, and each cook has a $50 instant read thermometer to ensure that meat temperature is 160 degrees before removing from the char-broiler.
In any event, thank you again for your comment and please come see us again for a "properly" cooked hamburger.
PS- we get our ground beef special order at SM (not Royal). This is the first I have heard of any problem with bone chips in the meat. We will look into that immediately. We have had bad luck with every other ground beef supplier that we have tried and have finally settled on SM since they opened up here locally. We are sourcing a meat grinder though. We want to grind our own beef and will be doing so very soon.

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  1. I am a semi-frequent customer but that was the first time I had tried the burger. Bretto's is the only place that I have found that has decent ground beef (but it's pricey!)


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