Sunday, November 11, 2012

Wake up! Time to die

Many foreigners die in the Philippines with no funeral plan, no money, no will, and figure it is no problem as someone else will take care of it for them. The real fact is someone you love or happen to be living with at the time of your demise will be stuck with the duty of putting you to rest. To make it easier on that someone why not do a little planning and get things taken care of in advance? This is one suggestion. Olongapo now has a crematorium. Olongapo Memorial Chapels and Funeral Services is located in Santa Rita and pictured here. You can pre-pay your cremation and that part is finished. The current price is P28,000. Public viewing either in the funeral home or in your own residence costs money. Casket rental alone is around P40,000. Viewing in a funeral home is P3000 a day and seven days is average. So some expense money readily available for this purpose is a good idea. Written instructions for your loved ones to follow are also a good idea. Maybe you don't want to be displayed in your driveway for seven days while friends, strangers and relatives are playing cards and listening to Candle in the Wind. If not you could leave written instructions to cremate you without delay. ASAP. That way the money could be spent on one last blowout with everyone dancing around the urn and telling lies about what a great guy you were. 'Everyone Bites the Dust.' Make it easy on the ones you love and be prepared.
Olongapo Memorial Chapels and Funeral Services.
Del Rosario St Tabacuhan, Santa Rita, OC
223-1692 645-1640

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