Friday, November 23, 2012

Subic Golf....Just like the Old Days

From a reader:

I read with excitement that the Binictican golf course on base had re-opened. The developer has lots of grandiose signs posted, showing a waterpark and so forth, but those look a lot like the many lavish (but fake) planned investments on the base.

I called the course to find out the green fees for walk-ons.

The person who answered the phone at the golf course was aware that it was open but did not know the green fees. There was a lot of shouting and asking of questions to his colleagues then we were disconnected.

I called back. He apologized and said he would connect me to the registration desk. He tried to connect me but we were disconnected again. (They might want to re-route some of that money for the million dollar waterpark into getting a decent phone system!)

I called back again. This time the connection to the registration desk was a success. There, the friendly lady said green fees were 800 on weekdays and 1000 pesos on weekends. I asked if there was a discount for SBMA and/or Olongapo residents. She said she thought there was and then we were disconnected again.

I decided not to call back again. Apparently the golf course is open again and apparently you can play there if you are not a member but bring extra cash in case they are figuring out the green fees on the spot.

This reminds me of the days when the mean Taiwanese lady ran the golf course, riding around on her personal cart snarling at the golfers. The golf course green fees changed daily, sometimes visitors were welcome, sometimes even members were banned, sometimes the course just didn't open at all.
Looks like the new managers are carrying on that fine tradition

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