Monday, September 10, 2012

Olongapo's Electric Bill

           In a prior article about modernizing Olongapo Electricity in the Bugle some reader had brought up some questions on the amount of debt that Olongapo city owed.  Well it seems like not only are our readers curious about this money but it seems like the Philippine Government is concerned also.  Recently there was an article posted in the Manila Bulletin here that was talking about the same issue.  Seems like the local politicians feel they are above congress and don't have to do what Congress says.  The Bugle wonders how this will all play out in the future, or will it just become one of those things that people talk about for a week or two and then move on to the next issue du jour.  Just think about this, the numbers being thrown around are 2.3Billion Pesos.  Now the Bugle isn't a math genius by any means but even he knows that equates to a lot of San Miguel Beers. 

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