Sunday, September 23, 2012

Tipo Carnage Continues

             For those of use who spend a lot of time travelling on the Tipo highway, which connects the freeport to the SCTEX highway, the rainy season has been another gruesome display of idiocy. The road is just too slick, the downward slope is too steep and drivers take the turns too quickly. About every fourth trip we take on Tipo, we see a vehicle that has slipped off the road. Some are minor but some are gruesome fatal accidents. Interestingly, we never hears anything about this from SBMA. Since this is the gateway to Subic from Manila and Clark, freeport administrators are reluctant to publicize these accidents. SBMA should consider putting up a billboard with a picture of one of these deadly accidents at the beginning of the inbound route to Subic from Tipo (that's where the accidents happen, outbound is largely uphill and vehicles generally can retain control). A billboard of an accident with the words SLOW DOWN will do wonders in cutting the Tipo highway death toll.

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