Thursday, September 6, 2012

USN Back in Subic

Well it has been a good week for our local establishments with the USS Frank Cable being in port and the good news will be continuing with the arrival of the USS Hawaii today.  Local drinking establishments and a lot of the local ladies have been seen enjoying the presence of the visiting servicemen.  It seems almost like the old days lately with the Muslim vendors out in force selling whatever they can to all the new folks.  The only problem that has been noted is the locals tourists have been getting harassed by all of the vendors walking about.  A simple no thanks isn't working with all the new vendors running around.  There has been a big uptick in business at the local beauty parlors as a lot of the local lasses are purchasing a lot of warpaint in the hopes of getting those freshly painted nails into some of the young Navy boys back pockets.  As for the Bugle he will just sit back and wait for it all to settle back into the normal routine where his older age doesn't matter just his larger wallet will have to suffice.

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