Friday, September 21, 2012

SBMA's Fake Stop Signs

        SBMA continues to Illustrate its incompetence at even simple management of traffic inside the freeport. But the latest example is the most embarrassingly ridiculous thing we have seen in years on the base. As we all know, the days when traffic rules were strictly enforced inside the freeport are long gone. Today, it has reverted to classic Manila-style traffic management: groups of traffic enforcers cluster at a few main intersections and look for specific violations (primarily rolling stop and seatbelt violations) and then shakedown the erring motorists for a bribe. The other intersections in the freeport are a wacky cacophony of blinking yellow lights, burned out traffic lights, random stop signs and crazy lines painted around for no apparent reason. Now, they have constructed stop signs at new crosswalks directly in front of the Harbor Point mall. These are completely fake stop signs. If you attempt to stop at these signs - which are brand new and official signs - you might be rear-ended by the car behind you. All motorists blow through these stop signs, while coming to a complete stop is mandatory and enforced at the intersections at both sides of the mall. It is this kind of chronic, longterm incompetence that illustrates why Subic is a failed freeport

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