Friday, October 25, 2013

Don't Blame the Pool League Officers for Enforcing the Rules

Comment from a reader on Bigots Run the Pool League: Just follow the league rules and there would not be a problem. Don't blame the officers for enforcing the rules. B.2.2 Male Filipino Nationals playing in the Associations leagues must be a bona fide employee of the sponsor. Employment must have been in force for a minimum of six weeks prior to eligibility. Bona fide employment shall be interpreted to mean a salaried employee with defined responsibilities and working more than a nominal amount of hours a week. The Executive Board will rule on questionable eligibilities. Play shall be limited to one male Filipino player per team, per week. B.2.3 Filipino males playing as citizens of another country must have their nationality verified by the league to be exempt from rule B.2.2. (A Copy of the passport will be held by the league secretary)

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