Friday, October 18, 2013

Private School Teachers Seek Bribes as Well

Comment from a reader on Bribing Teachers for Grades The private schools use bribery as well. When my children went to private school in the Philippines, at periodic test time, they brought a note home from the teacher requiring that the child pay "2 pesos for a xerox copy of the test" to be administered to them. There was also a stark reminder statement on the note that if they didn't pay, they would not be administered the test. So my children dutifully gave the 2 pesos to the teacher, who in turn gave them a very disapproving look. It turns out that children that gave only 2 pesos received the lowest grades. Some of the children gave the teacher 1000 or 500 pesos from home and they received A's and B's. As a dutiful parent and a quite unaware expat, I complained to the directress, who responded sternly "How else do you expect the teachers to get paid?" As I discovered in that discussion, all of the expensive private school tuition went to the school, not the teacher. The teachers were on their own to get proper compensation directly. 

From the Bugle: You should have done your homework and found a better private school for your children. Problems are rampant in public schools in the Philippines, as they are in public schools worldwide, but the country is lucky to have a large selection of high quality private schools. If you are getting hit up for bribes in your private school, pull your kids out of there. That's kind of the whole idea behind private education: you decide the school, not the government. 

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  1. I not only took the kids out of the corrupt school, we got the hell out of the country. We quickly grew tired of facing constant corruption even in the so called best private schools, as well as everything else in the Philippines.

    Why do you think you have one of the most corrupt countries in the world... because you have great private schools? Where do your corrupt politicians and business people go to school and later send their kids? It's a never ending process in the Philippines and you are a good example of it when you can't even face up to the problems yourself.


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