Thursday, October 3, 2013

Where is the fresh water?

13 days after the Olongapo flood the areas of San Isidro, Santo Tomas, Matain and Santa Monica still have no water. There has been speculation, opinions and tsismis about the reason. The Bugle decided to visit the Subic Water District for answers. We were told by a manager that these areas are serviced by the Naugsel water pump station. The pipes from this line which in fact pass over the river were torn out by flood waters. Pumps were also damaged. These are currently being repaired and work will be completed and water return by "next week." Meanwhile water is being "rationed." By this he means big water trucks travel the affected areas pumping out tubig into resident's containers. He also stated that getting up in the middle of night to check for running water does no good. Trying to pump water out of lines does no good either since there is nothing to pump out.

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  1. OMG! Where is the U.S. Navy? Why are they not helping? After all it's free and if they do help we'll probably have water in a few hours instead of waiting for who knows when.


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