Thursday, October 3, 2013

Were the Americans Asked to Help?

Re: Where was the US Military? Hundreds were watching a movie? An entire ship's company? Did they fill the theater? Amazing, as I've never seen more than ten or 15 at a time at SM or Ayala This is pure hyperbole. The sub tender and missile carrier often in port are not aircraft carriers with large on board hospitals and messing facilities to assist flood victims. These ships may have had some vessels capable of going up swollen city river to help, but were they even asked by the mayor or local disaster officials? Suggest better research of the event before laying on the broadstrokes of blame. 

The Bugle: Good points but the question should be answered: The US and the Philippine government both have said repeatedly the the US military is increasing its presence in the country in part to assist in disaster response. Why weren't American resources deployed? Maybe they were not deployed because they were not invited but that is still an answer to the question (and something to keep in mind for the next flood). 


  1. Why should the Americans help? Perhaps they should have demanded millions of dollar for their hand in assisting...sound familiar?

    1. The US Forces are hesitant to help because they may be charged millions of dollar again! They would hate to chop one of their ships into pieces. It only cost hundreds of millions US dollars.


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