Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Where Was the Mayor of Olongapo?

Comment from a reader on Where Was the US Military? : The U.S. military cannot just jump in on its own in a sovereign country without the request of the host government. The USG and its taxpayers are the best there is for providing humanitarian assistance all over the world. The GOP is not known for rapid response. Where was the Mayor of Olongapo? The Philippine media broadcast that he was in America... doing what we will probably never know. Where was the Philippine military??? Over the years, the U.S. Government and the American people have provided millions if not billions of dollars in aid and humanitarian relief to the Philippines. Try getting one centavo from the pockets of corrupt politicians here. The ungrateful with hands and palms always cupped toward the heavens only continue to make fools of themselves. Stop U.S. aid and watch this place shrivel up and die. It looks as though it has already. 

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