Saturday, July 7, 2012

65 And Still Rolling

The Bugle was out and about the other day and happened to stumble into one of the local Barrio Barretto daytime bars to find out the old Doc from Hooyah's had hit 65 years of age.  There are numerous residents of the area who can attest that they would have never seen this day arriving as someone who drinks/smokes as much as this old frogman would surely succumb to something or other but it is not to be.  The constitution on this man makes younger men envious.  So if any of our readers out there happen to stop by drop in and say hello and see if you can figure out what makes this old relic keep ticking.


  1. What about Old Bill owner of Get Away nerly 88 years old and still have beers every day .Hoyaaaa

  2. The next Birthday party he has maybe the Bugle will stop by and see how things are going.


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