Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hand Signals

  The Bugle has been having a problem lately and is hoping that some of his loyal readers will be able to help him out.  I am not sure if it is just me or not but lately it seems like the professional drivers here in the PI are getting worse.  I know that most Jeepneys, Trikes, or motorcycles do not have self cancelling turn signals.  What this leads to is you following some idiot with his left turn or his right turn signal blinking incessantly for miles down the road.  It is a real pain in my bum when these things are happening as I would like to overtake them but you can never be sure what they are going to do. 

    Lately though I have been thinking of coming up with some kind of universal hand sign that I could use to convey to  them that their blinker is on.  I have tried clenching my fist and shaking at them but that didn't seem to work nor did trying to pinch my thumb and forefinger repeatedly.  But I have found though that if I extend my arm and clench my fist whilst having my middle finger extended in their general direction gives me at least some sort of general feeling of satisfaction.  Try it readers and see if it works for you.  


  1. You started this article with the word "professional drivers". Are you kidding? What is professional about any bus, jeepney or trike driver. The best hand signal for them is the 1 finger salute.

    1. Irony - The expression of one's meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.


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