Monday, July 30, 2012

The Trashy Side of Olongapo

  With the recent rains that we have experienced this rainy season and the subsequent flooding that they brought about, the Bugle decided to look into some of the problems as to why are all the roads being flooded.  So off the Bugle went to take a look at some of the scenery in the area.   The above photo is a perfect example of why we are experiencing flooding.  How does one expect water to drain into the rivers when the drainage ditches and culverts all look like this? 

   You hear things about disaster preparedness and getting ready for the rainy season but why can't our elected officials keep these culverts clean.  This is not about hiring underemployed people and giving them a day job this is about enforcing regulations consistently and changing peoples attitudes.  Once people realize that there is a penalty for littering they won't litter.  Sounds pretty simple to me.

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