Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dredging Up Votes

The Bugle has noticed that since the start of the rainy season he sees that the Kalaklan river has been being dredged.  While it doesn't look like it is a huge effort that is being undertaken.  It probably is nothing more than a photo op.  The Gordon camp is letting them dredge up some of the silt in an effort to remind the local populace that he is concerned with their well being and is doing all he can to alleviate their flooding problems.  In reality all he is doing is the bare minimum required so that he can point to the dredging and be able to say he is working on the problem.  I mean dredging it up during the dry season would be more effective, the lower water level would allow the dredger to dredge more deeply.  But, with the short term memory of voters that wouldn't be a good idea. 

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