Sunday, July 22, 2012

Rainy Season Equipment

Now that we are full on into the rainy season here in the PI the Bugle would like to make a few suggestions about things that make life easier while we are constantly being deluged with rain from the above.

Rechargeable LED lights.  These things are really great and you can pick them up at Traders for a couple of hundred pesos.  You plug them into a wall socket and then when the power goes off they automatically turn on.  Not too bright but plenty bright enough to move around by and they will last 10-12 hours so more than enough to get you through the night.  Just remember to drain them down completely once a month so that the battery lasts.

A cellphone charger that plugs into your car or someone elses to keep that cell phone of yours running strong.  A great peace of mind when you can reach out and call someone if help is needed.

Candles and matches.  Just remember to keep them somewhere handy so that you aren't stumbling around banging your shins trying to remember where you put them.

I know there are a lot more things to have but I figure just these few will make llife so much easier.  If you can thing of others then lets hear about them. 

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