Monday, July 23, 2012

A "Better Name"

          The Bugle recently went out to the National bookstore and realized that it should actually be called National "everything but" Bookstore. Their sale of reading material is incidental to their sale of school supplies Office supplies, and Christmas ornaments. During the Christmas and Back to School seasons books are grouped in as small an area as possible so the higher marked up items can be peddled. The selections and genre of the actual books stocked is a very bad joke. A real bookstore does not look anything like a National Bookstore as anyone who has traveled knows. There are very few options available to serious readers. One are the used bookstores in most of the malls now. For the most part these stock ancient paperbacks that did not sell well to begin with but a reading junkie will take his fix where he can find it. Often there are diamonds hidden in the shelves of used book stores all one has to do is invest the time to look.

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