Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Clark's Crappy Airport is Still Better than Manila

From a reader:
I traveled with my family to Hong Kong via Clark recently. I understand the complaints about people traveling out of there. The “terminal” is actually just a run-down old building with a dozen hard plastic chairs. If you fly out of Clark, plan to stand around a while or sit on the floor. The immigration officers are a snarling, angry bunch. They had no reason to hassle us but they were hassling plenty of other travelers. They have a section marked “second screening” where they are busy shaking down travelers. It’s pretty sad. On the bright side, we booked online very easily and the ticket prices were great. We paid about $100 all up (including all taxes, etc.) per round-trip ticket to Hong Kong on Air Asia booked via Tiger Airways. That $100 RT ticket included 20 kilos (44 pounds) of luggage each way per traveler. Also, as others have pointed out, it’s hard to calculate how valuable it is to be able to take the leisurely drive down along SCTEX and be at the airport 45 minutes later. My advice is that it is still worth it to fly out of the dilapidated Clark airport and stare down the snarling immigration agents, rather than deal with the hassles of Manila.

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  1. Most of the good points that you brought up are all because of the individual companies (booking, travel) None of these enhancements hve been brought up on Clark or at SBMA. I think it is time for the leadership of these freeport zones to get into the digital age.


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