Tuesday, August 7, 2012

No Pizza at Shakeys

From a reader:
We stopped by the Shakeys on base in Subic. I’m not a fan of Shakey’s. They offer very very salty pizza with mediocre toppings. But if you live on the base, they are pretty accessible. So I gave them a try with my kids. When we sat down, the waiter showed up with a smile and a menu and let us peruse all the various pizza options for a while. Once we decided, he of course told us that pizza was “out of stock”. We tried another variety. “Also out of stock sir.” After years of experience with this, I changed tack and asked: “Okay, you tell me what is ‘in stock’ and we’ll pick from that.” He said, they only had small pizza crust available. So I said no problem, we would just order several small pizzas instead of one big one. He then clarified that they had one single small pizza crust left in the entire restaurant. He then looked out the window and said the delivery truck was on the way, delivering more pizza crusts. That was when we got up and headed to Extremely Espresso for a pizza.

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