Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Roaming Around

   The Bugle has been walking around a bit lately and some thoughts have been coming to mind about our little area of paradise here.  One of the things that has been noticed is the lack of cleanliness overall in our city.  If one gets out to the provinces you see that the people really take pride in the area around their houses.  There is always someone out sweeping the yard and cleaning up the litter that everyone seems to just throw down on the ground.  But what the Bugle is wondering is why that spirit of cleanliness doesn't transfer to the main streets in our area.  If one walks down through Barretto you see trash everywhere.  It seems like no one cares at all about the overall cleanliness of the place.  The Bugle knows that most establishments have at least one boy hanging around to take care of odd jobs and light maintenance so why isn't the first job every morning of that boy to sweep the outside in front of their respective establishments.  I mean how many times have we gone inside and seen the boy just hanging out not doing anything?  So let's get those boys to work and get them cleaning up our neighborhood.  After all we can't expect our elected officials to do anything about the cleanliness of the public areas can we?

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