Thursday, August 16, 2012

San Miguel Beer

  A while ago in one of our posts we had a little discussion on where the coldest beers were in the Subic area.  Some of the surprises in that totally unscientific poll was that some of the smaller places really work on making sure that their beer is served cold.  Contrary to most of the bigger places where it could be hit or miss as to the temperature of your beer.  The main exception to the bigger places was the Wild Orchid's inner bar and Texas Joes.  Their attention to detail is what makes them both fairly successful establishment's.  I wonder if their must be a cultural thing that keeps the locally managed places from paying attention to the small things that make a place successful.  You know what I am talking about.  Having to wave your arms like a madman to get a waitresses attention.  Having to tell the staff to clean up an ashtray.   little things like that sort of get under the Bugle's skin after a while.  But enough of that What I originally meant to rant about was the sudden popularity of those apple/ lemon flavored malt beverages that SMB is hawking nowadays.  Has anyone tried them and thought they were in the least bit palatable?  I see some of the ladies drinking them and I figure well they just don't know any better.  But when I see a guy drinking them I immediately start wondering....  Enough for now  Bugle out

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