Sunday, August 12, 2012

Subic Water District

In a continuation of the Low Flow Problems that we reported on the other day the Subic Water District now says that the low water pressure will continue for at least another week.  It kind of makes you wonder how much they value thier customers.  The Bugle doesn't feel that it would be entirely out of line to have people working 24/7 to get this problem solved.  I mean isn't access to clean drinking water kind of important.  For those of us who would like to get updates on this situation the phone number for the Subic Water District is 232-4570.  Thye also have an e-mail address that might be interested in customer concerns

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  1. Its now 4/19/2015 and we have NO WATER..and have had no water for over a week. Same old story, same old alibis year after year. No relief in sight


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