Sunday, August 19, 2012

Peeing With the Go Go's

The Bugle recently got a group of females together to rate the comfort rooms in Barretto. If you have ever bar-hopped the barrio with a wife or girlfriend you have undoubtedly heard horror stories about the women's comfort rooms. This is particularly true in places where the public shares them with the employees of the establishment. It can even prompt your date to ask to leave so she can use a rest room that she knows is nicer in some other venue. Below the ratings are some direct quotes regarding the CR's.
Congratulations to the top rated Arizona, Flash Rat and Palm Tree. Bottom three? Wet Spot, Voodoo and Rosie's.
1- Arizona, Flash Rat, Palm Tree
2- The Office
3- Mango's, Bar Barretto, Midnight Rambler, Shooters, Dynamite Dicks
4- EMU, Club One, Sit N Bull,
5- Hooyah, Westpac, Taft, Sweethearts, Johansson's
6- Catwalk, Alley Cats, General's Post, 20/20
7- Hot Zone, Barretto Beach Resort, Route 69, Toucan
8- Stroker's, Rum Jungle, Dusk Till Dawn
9- Buccaneer, Lips, T-Rose, Liberty Call
10- Wet Spot, Voodoo, Rosie's
"Please lets leave. I have to pee and this CR is horrible."
" I like bathroom here. It smells good." (Palm Tree)
"Let's go to the Office. Their bathroom is nice."
"The comfort room (Voodoo) is crammed with dancers. Can we go somewhere else?"
"Toucan has no mirror and a bucket to flush."
"Sit n Bull is really clean."
"Never seen two toilets. Flash Rat has two toilets."
"What about Arizona? They have two toilets for ladies."

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