Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Johnny Rockets

   The Bugle had a chance to eat at Johnny Rockets which recently opened at the Ayala Mall.  For those of you who like hamburgers you will love this place.  All burgers are at least 1/3 of a pound and come with a variety of options.  If you go there in the early afternoon there is a half price special Mondays through Friday.  What was really fun about the place was the dancing waitresses.  At least three times while the Bugle was eating his Rocket Burger all the waitresses broke out in a dance routine.  Was almost like eating in a Go-Go except all the girls were wearing clothes.  The decor of the place was straight out of a 50's diner with big booths and a lot of red vinyl.  The music was old time rock and roll from the 50's and the 60's and gave the place a real fun vibe.  While the prices weren't the cheapest in town the quality was high and the Bugle gives the place a hearty thumbs up.


  1. Yeah but you forgot to talk about the most important thing about a burger joint in the Philippines: what is the source and quality of the beef? A lot of really nice burger places in the Philippines have the fun waitresses and Elvis posters, etc. (such as Burgoo in Manila) but they use marginal beef with bone chips, etc.

    1. While the Bugle doesn't know the source of their beef, he can state that the beef was really good tasting.


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