Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Most Dangerous Crossing

It is hard to believe a fatal crash does not occur every thirty minutes at the Kalaklan gate intersection. It is classic Philippine driving lawlessness. Lanes no one follows, lights that work intermittently, turning arrows no one pays attention to, random jeepney stops, buzzing motor bikes. Undiluted anarchy. Funerals even slowly lumber through several times a day. Every driver is playing by his own rules. It is a challenge not to hit or be hit. Total concentration is required to maneuver through that intersection. To add chaos to turmoil local businesses have made the graveyard mountainside an assault on perception, adding visual confusion to successfully making the turn. Quick now, "What's the phone number for a pizza?" Guess how many signs are on that hill? The Bugle took the time to count the other day, not while driving though. Twenty-one.

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