Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Construction Update

A reader commented about the latest construction project that the Bugle wrote about in Flood Control or Dam? and stated that it is a government funded project to put a wall in along the river.  While this person posted anonymously and the Bugle respects that right, it did bring out a few questions.  Questions like who/what Department is paying for this repair?  Where is the Environmental Compliance Certificate in order to undertake this repair.  While I am sure that the folks living on the Baloy side of the river will like having a wall along the river to protect them from flooding, the last time the river flooded it was higher than the bridge itself so what actually is the wall going to do?  Has there been any engineering study done to ensure that the wall is not going to collapse.  Where is the construction/building permit for this operation?  While the Bugle is all for improving our infrastructure he also thinks that if the river was dredged properly one wouldn't need to build a wall along a river bank.

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  1. I posted the other comment after quizing the workers. I do remember in an Olongapo Blog recently the Mayor Gordon had stated that a problem with dredging was that the banks need to re fortified so they wouldn't collapse after the dredging, So...I'm hoping what's going on here is a precursor to dredging the Matain River. OR, it may just be the land grabbers protecting their river front weekend cottages along the river in Baloy. (pictures available upon request)


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