Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Grow Your Own???

Ashley's is a real 'niche market' store in Barrio Barretto. Did you ever wonder where to find vegetable or seeds to grow your own plants? Would you enjoy some fresh Thai basil seasoning from your own yard? Well in Barretto, Ashley's is the place to find seeds. We are not just talking about basil as they have over 30 seed choices that work in this climate and humidity. Alfalfa, squash, parsley, chives, and oregano to name a few. Priced at P200 a pack. You can also get seedlings of most of these plants for the low price of just P100 plant. Thai and Purple basil are both available as starters as are a couple of different kinds of pepper plants. It is a cute and tidy little place with a variety of gardening tools, fertilizers, pots, brooms and yes they have rice. Ashley's is located on National Highway near Rizal Avenue.

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